Snow-Emergency Parking

The City of Oxford has advised that there may be significant snow fall on Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. They would like to remind students and community members that the City can do a much more thorough job of plowing if the roads are free of cars. Therefore, if it looks like there will be snow falling instead of rain on Tuesday night, students who do not have Miami parking permits may move their car to any of the three student lots (Millet, Ditmer, Chestnut Fields) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but they must return their cars to their apartments before Thursday at 7 pm.

Cars parked on designated snow routes are required to be moved if there is a prediction of 3 inches or more of snow or they may be cited or towed. Removing cars from non-snow routes allows more complete plowing and improves road conditions for everyone.

Winter Break Student Parking & Transportation Updates

Beginning December 11 at 7am until Jan 23 at 7am, vehicles with yellow permits may park in red-permitted lots and roadways, provided that the signs do not say “Red permits only AT ALL TIMES.” (ie the Hepburn and Roudebush lots).

Leaving your car here over winter break?
Student vehicles with a valid parking permit (blue or yellow) may leave their cars in the west Millett, Ditmer or Chestnut Fields lots over the winter break and J-term.
Please consult the parking map or call the Campus Services Center if you are unsure of where to park over break.

Garage vehicle storage also available over winter
If you wish to leave your car in a covered garage for Winter Break & Winter Term, spaces will be available in the North parking garage (by the Engineering Building). If you do not have a garage permit you may purchase this option with or without a yellow permit for $160 for the winter break/term. Please reply to this email to have this access added to your ID card (you may also call or stop by the Campus Services Center.) If you already have a garage permit you do not need to purchase this additional access.

Loading and Unloading: How to use the vehicle log-in policy for move out
If you need to park near your residence hall at a time when you ordinarily would not be allowed to park there, you may utilize the log-in policy below to load or unload your vehicle to avoid being fined. A valid permit is required to utilize the log-in procedure. Vehicles that park illegally in restricted areas, service drives, yellow zones and loading zones may be cited.

  • To use the log-in policy, park in a legal space near your building and immediately email with your name and the location where you are parked. You will be granted 20 minutes to load/unload your vehicle from the time you send the email. If you receive a parking violation during the time you are logged in, call or email the Campus Services Center with the ticket number and we will waive it. Students may use this procedure up to 4 times per semester

BCRTA Bus Service

  • Oxford/Miami bus routes and the R2 end operation on Friday, December 9 at 7 pm.
  • BCRTA Regional Route R3 will run every two hours from December 10 to January 22.
  • BCRTA Regional Routes R1, R3 and R4 will NOT operate Christmas Day, but will resume Tuesday, December 27.
  • Limited bus service will be available on campus December 12 to January 21.
  • Active routes will run 7am to 7pm weekdays and 11:30 am to 7:30 pm Saturdays and include U1W to Walmart, U3 to Kroger and U4D throughout Western and North campus.
  • Saferide will operate 7 days a week from 6 pm to midnight. See BCRTA’s website at or call (513) 785-5237 for details.

Spring semester student parking permits available

Student parking permits for Spring semester are available for purchase online and in the Campus Services Center beginning Dec 5.

Login to the your student parking portal and click “Purchase” to see the permit options available to you. If you would like unlimited garage access you will need to first purchase your surface lot permit and then click “Purchase” again to see the garage options that can be added to your surface lot permit. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Bringing a car to campus after Thanksgiving?

Are you bringing a car back to Miami after Thanksgiving Break, but don’t have a permit?

Occasionally students who did not already have a car on campus return with one after Thanksgiving break for the remainder of the fall semester. If you are planning to do this, here’s what you need to know:

  • A parking permit is required to park on campus at all times.
  • You may purchase two (2) one-week permits online for $15 each. Log in to your student parking account, add your license plate & vehicle info, click “buy permits” and scroll down to “Temporary (daily, weekly) permits”. Purchase a one-week for 11/27-12/3 and then purchase the second week 12/4-12/10.
  • These are yellow, residential student permits that will allow parking in the West Millett parking lot 24 hours a day.
  • Avoid the Commuter Permits section of Millett lot because it does not allow overnight parking. See the map below.
  • The U4 bus visits this lot every 15 minutes so you can catch a ride to and from the lot.
  • In the evenings and on weekends permitted vehicles may park in the campus core near the residence halls, Rec Center, etc, but you must move your car to Millett West lot by 7 am weekdays or you may get a $75 ticket. See the posted signs around campus for the times those lots allow yellow permit parking.
  • If you have a parking permit and need to pull up in front of your dorm to load or unload your car, call or email the Parking Office first and let us know your name, dorm, license plate and time you will be parked there. We will log it into the system and give you 20 minutes to load or unload. If you receive a ticket during that time, let us know, and we will waive it.

Move-In Week Parking

Move-in week is quickly approaching! We have a few quick updates about parking to help make moving in as easy as possible. Families and students DO NOT need to purchase a parking permit for move-in week (August 15 through August 21). Additionally, our parking meters and garages are free during move-in week. When families come to visit in the future, you will need to register your vehicle with a one-day visitor permit, or use our meters and garages – but move-in week is free.

2022-23 Student Parking Permits

Parking permits for the 2022-23 school year go on sale in the first week of August. All students will receive an email in the first week of August with details regarding parking on campus and a link to purchase parking permits, if they are eligible.

Please make sure you are checking your Miami email account regularly so that you do not miss this or other important messages from Miami!

We encourage everyone to visit the student section of the parking website to review parking options for the coming year.

Parking for Move-In Week

Parents and students DO NOT need to purchase a parking permit for move-in week (Aug 16 to 22). Our parking meters and garages are free this week as well, in order to make moving in as easy as possible. When you come to visit in the future you will need to register your vehicle with a one-day visitor permit, or use our meters and garages – but this week is free.

2021-22 Faculty & Staff Parking Permits

Faculty and staff parking permits for 2021-2022 will be available starting on June 21, and will be valid beginning July 1.

Faculty and staff will receive an email on June 21 inviting them to purchase their red permit for the year online. Permit costs remain the same as previous years. All permit prices can be found on the parking website.

Full-time employees may have the cost of their permits payroll deducted over the course of the school year, or pay in full with a credit card online. Graduate Assistant red permits are deducted in two installments. Learn more on the parking website at

Miami waives parking permit fees for employees for 2020-2021

Miami University employees will not be charged for parking permits this academic year (2020-2021).

Parking enforcement will continue as usual, so permits are still required to park on campus. Employees who park on campus should register for a red permit, which will be free.

If employees have not already done so, they should log into their account in the parking portal and purchase their annual red permit via payroll deduction. The parking software will indicate that they are being charged $125 for the year. However, the payroll office will not do the deductions.

The free red permit for the year applies to Miami employees only, including graduate assistants. It does not apply to students, contractors, visitors, or anyone who works on campus but whose paycheck does not come directly from the university’s payroll office.

Miami has a record of those employees who already purchased their permits using credit cards. The Campus Services Center will contact those employees to let them know how the university will be refunding those payments — automatically, by check, or if they will need them to bring their credit card to the office in the south lobby of Nellie Craig Hall, formerly the Campus Avenue Building, 301 S. Campus Ave.

Regarding garage and other permits:

• Garage permits will still be deducted at the regular monthly rate (less the red permit charge). Those permits cost $25 per month for the North Garage and $12.50 per month for the South Garage.

• If an employee bought a $30 carpool permit or a free white permit, they may email and request a red permit instead and a refund of the carpool permit fee.