End of Year Meal Plan and MUlaa Information

The email below was sent as a reminder to any student who has a current meal plan and/or Mulaa balance.

Dear Student,

As the end of the semester draws near, we want to remind you of some important information related to your Meal Plan and MUlaa accounts.

For continuing students, any unspent dining meal plan dollars will remain available for you to use next semester. Unused buffet swipes do not carry forward. If you plan to be on campus during the summer, you will be able to use your dining dollars at any open dining location.

If you’re planning to graduate, or not return next year, don’t forget that unspent meal plan dollars are not refundable or transferable when you leave. We encourage you to monitor your balance regularly, and budget carefully if you’re considering future deposit amounts before the end of the semester.

Your MUlaa account also remains active as long as you are enrolled. Any unspent amount at the end of the semester will remain in your account to be used at any time. If you’re planning to graduate or leave the university, unspent MUlaa dollars will be credited to your bursar account and applied to outstanding charges, according to the policies and procedures of the Office of the Bursar.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Campus Services Center
34 Nellie Craig Walker Hall