CoCC Distributed Storage

Tuesday 4/27/21 Track I, 7:30 PM EDT

Dr. Suman Bhunia, CSE
The vision for this project involves having a robust distributed storage system that can be maintained by a network of devices that form a mobile edge network in an emergency situation. The database should not have any single points of failure, and should remain functional even if some nodes fail. The database should be accessible by mobile phones in range of the mobile edge. The database should also be supported by a GUI-based network manager that allows administrators to manage the database cluster.
1. Research the best way to build a distributed database and add authentication and authorization.
2. Design and implement a distributed database.
3. Add authentication and authorization to secure our implementation
4. Make nodes discoverable over a local network
5. Create a GUI-based network manager tool
Patrick Liem, Sean Morton, Riley Gabbard, Nick Ferritto

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