Student Spotlight: William McCown

This week we’re spotlighting William McCown, a senior Political Science and Energy undergrad major and Environmental Science graduate major from Southlake, Texas. William will be working as a Strategic Communications Intern this summer with FTI Consulting and shared his internship search experience with us! 

  • Graduate Major: Environmental Science 4+1 program
  • Undergraduate Majors: Political Science and Energy 
  • Minors: Management and Leadership 
  • Internship/job title: Strategic Communications Summer Intern 
  • Internship/job company: FTI Consulting

How did you find your position? 

To find my internship, I used Handshake, LinkedIn and FTI’s website. I also met with FTI during their tabling sessions at the Farmer School of Business and met with them again at Fall Career Fair. 

How did you prepare for your interview? 

When I was preparing for my interview I made sure to do a few things. First, I reached out to the recruiter I was in communication with to make sure there wasn’t more I could do to better prepare myself for the role. Secondly, I made sure to keep up to date with any and all news pertaining to my specific focus in energy but also surrounding government and government relations. The final piece of background information for the interview was knowing the company as well as I could. This meant knowing the key facts about the company such as industries served through various practices, key persons within the company and reviewing recent news and papers published by FTI.

From the Miami side of my preparation, I consistently met with my career and academic advisors to find the internship through various websites, optimize my resume and Handshake profile and to understand what resources I had available to me. I utilized the case study preparation resources from the Career Center and the various recommendations they have for Skype interviews, like using the interview rooms to put myself in the right mindset. 

What Miami experiences do you feel best helped you secure your position?

Miami has so many people and resources committed to helping you find an internship position. The Career Center, academic advisors and even your peers are all great resources. The education that Miami provides its students is stellar. Not only does it provide you with knowledge that spans across industries, but it also makes you think critically and develop all kinds of skills to help you succeed in any position. 

What advice do you have for other students looking for jobs/internships?

Looking for an internship/job is a long process that involves finding, preparing, and interviewing for multiple positions often at the same time. While this can seem overwhelming at times, staying organized, enthusiastic and prepared for each stage can ensure you succeed. One of my tips is staying in touch with a recruiter along the way. This extra effort to ask questions and show your enthusiasm towards the company is a great way to make that first impression, especially if it’s digitally. Applying to tens of internships, keeping your cover letters organized, and staying up to date with each company can not only be confusing but it can be overwhelming. By creating an Excel spreadsheet, Google folder, or notes on each company can you help stay organized, connected, and up to date with each application, you submit.