How to connect with alumni over J-Term

With winter break quickly approaching, it can be easy to push aside thoughts of careers and internships because you’re just excited for a break! But, J-Term is the perfect time to connect and network with alumni. With 6 full weeks, you have more than enough time to reach out, grab coffee and make new connections. Read more for our tips on how to maximize J-Term!

  1. Utilize LinkedIn
    • Use the “alumni” tab to connect – you can filter this down by location, company, industry, major, etc. 
    • Ask these alums to connect! Sending a message with your request makes them far more likely to accept – and more likely to respond to questions and requests later on. 
  2. Utilize Miami Alumni Connect 
    • Similar to LinkedIn, Miami Alumni Connect is designed for just Miami students and alumni. These alums really want to help current Miami students so do your research and reach out to them! 
  3. Conduct informational interviews
  4. Look to your inner circle
    • You’d be surprised by how many people you already know related to what you want to do. Maybe it’s a cousin or a friend from church or a sibling of a friend – the point is that there are connections in more places than you’d traditionally think. Use these connections to your advantage as much as possible!