Student Intern Spotlight: Lena Nazelli on working at Abercrombie

This week we’re spotlighting Lena Nazelli, a Public Health major from Columbus, OH. This summer, Lena worked as a Merchandising Intern in A&F Women’s Denim at Abercrombie’s corporate office in New Albany, Ohio. After graduation, she will return to Abercrombie as an Assistant Merchant!  

Today, she talks about her favorite parts of Abercrombie and her advice for acing your interview.

At the Center for Career Exploration and Success, we are excited to have Abercrombie as a Career Partner. Our Career Partners support innovative career development programming that exposes Miami students to the world of work and prepares them for meaningful careers.

Lena’s favorite part of working at Abercrombie: “Learning so much and working with the best team ever in A&F Women’s denim!”

Lena’s best internship advice: “Do practice/mock interviews as much as possible before interviewing! Whether at the career center, a trusted peer, or friend. It really helps!”

At the Center for Career Exploration and Success, we believe in thinking about interviewing in terms of a conversation. This conversation is designed to determine the fit between the employer and the prospective employee. Impressive resumes and cover letters will get you employment interviews, but the interview itself will typically be the most significant aspect of the employment process.

It is important to keep in mind that interviewing involves a mutual exchange of information based on two-way communication. It is not designed to be a process of inquisition or interrogation. The “fit” should go both ways, so the interview is also your opportunity to ask questions of the employer!  

Our Mock Interview Program provides you with real-world interviewing experience with both seasoned professionals and trained peers. Mock Interviews for Spring 2020 begin February 3 and end May 8.