Get to know a recent grad: Zach Sattler, ’19

Zach Sattler graduated from Miami in 2019. He majored in Public Health and is currently a Clinical Data Coordinator at Medpace-Cincinnati. 

Zach started at Medpace in August of 2019. Upon graduating, Zach did not have a full-time job. Because he held multiple internships, some of which were outside of his field, he began applying for various jobs in different fields. Because he worked with data a lot during his time at Miami, Zach applied for jobs that involve working with data and landed his current position. 

Because of his unique career path Zach has a lot of advice for students looking for internships and full-time jobs. His main tips: 

  1. Keep your LinkedIn updated
  2. Don’t be afraid to connect with alumni
  3. Start applying early to give yourself time to figure out what you want and remember that any internship (even if it’s outside of your field) will help you gain skills that any employer will want. 

During his time at Miami Zach utilized many different resources. Specifically, he used the Howe Writing Center, the Center for Career Exploration and Success, attended career panels to get to know employers better and built relationships with his professors. 

Overall, Zach wants students to know that Miami prepared him for the workforce. He believes it’s important to never doubt yourself and stick to your beliefs. He also recommends always being open to new experiences and being willing to learn.