Miami Graduates Land Where They Planned

A question that is always top of mind for students and their parents is whether they will be employed or accepted into graduate or professional school when they graduate from Miami. According to an new survey completed by the Miami’s Institutional Research and Career Service offices, more than 91% of Miami students who graduated August 2012-May 2013* were employed or in graduate school by fall, 2013.

Miami was able to obtain 100% of alumni educational placement data and 56% of alumni career placement data through various sources, including calling more than 2,000 Oxford bachelor’s degree-receiving graduates in order to achieve a collective picture of new alumni success.

Significant results acquired in fall 2013 include:

  • 75.2% of alumni were currently employed or had received a job offer while 3.4% were not employed. The remaining 21.4% of alumni indicated at graduation that they did not plan to seek immediate employment. By fall, 18.6% had enrolled in graduate or professional schools. **Some students are working and studying, so some numbers overlap.
  • 52.1% of alumni were working full time in their field of study (69.3% of those employed) while 15.4% were working full time outside their field of study, figures that reflect the stated goals of students in a survey preceding graduation: 56.5% planned to work full time in their field of study, 18.1% planned to work full time outside their field of study.
  • 19.3% of alumni had previously worked for their current employer, most commonly as an intern or co-op student.

The majority of employed alumni in the survey reported salaries between $30,000 – $59,999 in their first year:

  • 10.9% earn from $30,000 – $39,999 per year,
  • 19.6% earn from $40,000 – $49,999 per year, and
  • 32.2% earn from $50,000 – $59,999 per year.

Data from five sources were used: the National Student Clearinghouse, a career services phone survey, alumni LinkedIn profiles, Miami’s Banner data system and the graduation survey, which is done prior to commencement.

Other responses from seniors shortly before graduation showed:

  • 97.4% of students agreed or strongly agreed that their classes were intellectually challenging;
  • 95% of the students rated their entire educational experience at Miami as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’?
  • 79.2% agreed or strongly agreed that Miami prepared them to work with others from different cultures;
  • 43.3% worked on an independent study project; and
  • 61.1% held a leadership position or were involved in leadership workshops, programs or classes.

Other survey results are available at Graduation Survey.

* The majority of responses, 80%, come from May graduates.

** Separate surveys for example, show that 97% of Miami seniors were accepted into law school, compared to 80 percent nationally, while 64.5% of Miami graduates were accepted into medical school, compared to 45.9% nationally.