Urban-Rural Divide Art Museum Lecture: Stevan Conn

Steven Conn, Professor of History at Miami University

In a talk given by one of our very own professors here at Miami University, the urban-rural divide in America will be examined and explained. Miami University Professor Steven Conn, who teaches in the Department of History, will aim to explore this central part of American society through works by Mary Phelan and Eldridge Bagley that are on display at the art museum as part of one of three new exhibits.

The exhibit, Comfort Zones, created by Phelan and Bagley takes a deeper look into the fabric of urban and rural locales that are typically viewed as distinct worlds. These artists attempt to showcase the poetics of everyday life, beauty of the surroundings, conventional and idiosyncratic dynamics, and historical roots, and unite these comfort zones, displaying what connects these disparate locations.

While Phelan and Bagley’s work highlights the poetics of these distinct locales, in his talk Conn will begin to unearth the clear divide between urban and rural life and relate it back to the election of 2016 in which the media brought a great deal of attention this troubled divide. Conn’s talk will explore where this divide came from, what defines it and what it all means today.

As we head into Thanksgiving break, take a much needed break from studying, and head over to the art museum on Wednesday, November 14 at 5:30 p.m. to gain some very interesting insights into this central part of American society that has been growing for a long time.