Documentary Film on Artist Rockwell Kent

As we approach the end of the semester, we also approach the conclusion to some of the museum’s current exhibitions. I’m in the Wrong Film by Hans Gindlesberger, Comfort Zones: The Crossroads of Urban and Rural, and finally Lonesome Traveler by Rockwell Kent ass will be ending on December 15th when the semester comes to a close.

Once we return from Thanksgiving break the Miami University Art Museum will be holding a screening of a documentary film on one of the featured artists Rockwell Kent who is responsible for the Lonesome Traveler exhibition. This documentary will delve into who Rockwell Kent truly was. Painter, illustrator, author, socialist, activist, and adventurer are all descriptors for this great 20th-century artist! In this documentary, viewers are finally able to get a glimpse into this soulful, New York-born iconoclast’s spirituality, versatility, and wanderlust, and experience his true depth.

This film examines the origins, development, and fruition of Kent’s art while tracing his globe-spanning journey through almost nine decades of vibrant living. From a childhood shaped by genteel poverty to an expansive working life in which creative, commercial, and political concerns intermingled and eclipsed his duties as a father, Kent is rendered here in the vast, varied geographic locations that fascinated him, in frank conversations with those who knew him intimately, and in the beauty of his paintings, prints, and writings. We are further informed of this finely crafted profile of an American genius by observations by critics and scholars.

Make sure to visit the Art Museum before these exhibitions are gone!