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Data Visualization (Without Coding)

This is the second bootcamp in The Center for Analytics and Data Science Faculty Fellow Bootcamp Series

Photo of Shenyue Jia
Shenyue Jia

Join Shenyue Jia, Center for Analytics and Data Science Faculty Fellow and assistant professor of Geography, as she leads an activity-based bootcamp about data visualization in various platforms and the usage of GitHub for non-coders.

Over a three day bootcamp about data visualization and GitHub, Jia will help the audience take their knowledge of data visualization and apply it in multiple platforms, such as: Excel, Google Sheets, DataWrapper, and Tableau. She will teach the audience how to use GitHub for maintaining a project portfolio.

  • 4/18: Data visualization in Excel, Google Sheets, and DataWrapper. Part one of a GitHub mini-lesson for non-coders
  • 4/25: Part two of a GitHub mini-lesson for non-coders. Beginners Guide for Tableau.
  • 5/2: Beginners Guide for Tableau continues. Uploading bootcamp project to GitHub.

This entry in the CADS Faculty Fellow Bootcamp Series presumes basic knowledge of data visualization. Due to the interactive elements of this bootcamp, please bring your laptop.

Bootcamp horizontal flyer that displays the name of the workshop

The Center for Analytics and Data Science is proud to be able to bring unique views into the arena of data science through its Faculty Fellow program.  Thanks to the wide variety of talent offered by these gifted academics, CADS is able to provide examples of data science principles as they apply to the research of an array of disciplines.  We thank all of our Faculty Fellows for their hard work and willingness to share.

If you have a topic that you would like to see covered as part of the Faculty Fellows Bootcamp Series, or any other question please contact the Center for Analytics and Data Science at cads@miamioh.edu

Image of Python group in Excel Ribbon

Coming to an Excel Near You…

Python. Yes, the ever-popular Python programming language is set to be featured in Excel in the near future. Microsoft is partnering with Anaconda, a leading enterprise grade Python repository. Python in Excel leverages the Anaconda distribution for Python running in Azure, which includes the most popular Python libraries such as pandas for data manipulation, statsmodels for advanced statistical modeling, as well as Matplotlib and seaborn for data visualization. For now Python in Excel is only available in public preview for those in the Microsoft 365 Insiders program Beta Channel. However, this feature will roll out to Excel for Windows first, starting with build 16818, and then to the other platforms at a later date. But soon you will be able to do advanced data analysis in the familiar Excel environment by accessing Python directly from the Excel ribbon. No set-up or installation will be required. Read more about Python in Excel.