Monster of the Week by Samantha Bares

Tongue the singe slither low and notice alone. Worst is the fluke. Early banal plot fluster, host of novel squirm. No gravitas up in the jump scare. Appetite : spook :: bile : ick. Some Weeks I am the Devoured, other the Witness, most the Monster themself. Long in the teeth everglinting. One striking indigent coil. Writhing clutch of hurt. Profile me, say what I want, credit me at the end. Even when I can speak, Wilheim screams over and over over me.

BIA Cajun Louisiana native, Samantha Bares earned her MFA in fiction at University of Michigan’s Helen Zell Writers’ Program. Her poetry has most recently appeared in Yalobusha Review. Her fiction, published under the name Mant Bares, has most recently appeared in Beloit Fiction Journal. Now living in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany, Samantha is working on a novel-length swamp opera, supported by the Elizabeth George Foundation. Find her at and @mantbares.