Summer 2016 Issue!

Dear Readers,

Our latest issue has arrived! Please enjoy at your leisure.

Over the course of a summer, often a period of restoration and change, decisions must be made. During the off season, we must assess our deepest, most immediate desires. In doing so, we must mend, maintain, and sever relationships based on these cravings. These searches for purpose and meaning often lead us back to our beginnings, back to where our journeys began. Summers mark our returns to the metaphorical nests of our beginnings.

In this issue, you will find mother-child relationships vitalized by unique points of view, characters struggling with the realities of untimely deaths, and the metaphysical journey of a droplet of water in the summer heat. Wherever you are in the waning moments of summer, you will be faced with the choice of what to take with you and what to leave behind.

Best Wishes,

Carly Plank

Editor-in-Chief, Oxford Magazine