Jason Osborne of Miami University on how institutions can amplify mission and respond to the “Demographic Cliff”


Institutions of higher education need to proactively position themselves to respond to the demographic cliff. IN this interview, Jason discusses many strategies that both amplify institutional mission and provide better success for the faculty and the institution.

Student success is key to a resilient institution

Dr. Jason W Osborne served as Miami University Provost from 2019–2022. With an extensive career in higher education (HE) leadership, he discusses the best approaches to positioning the institution for long-term success, putting faculty members and student interest as the primary focus in his boldly creative proposals and new degree programs.

Jason Osborne has recently served as Dean of the Graduate School at Clemson University and as Miami University’s Provost. Based on his experience, he talks about how higher education leaders and professional education can bring a significant improvement on yield enrollment through student body academic motivation and implementing a transformative strategic plan that helps students engage with their curriculum, following an article he co-authored with Inside Higher Ed on Focus on Mission to Yield Enrollment.

Initiatives discussed in this article include efforts to amplify student success, improve the appeal of degree programs, make transfer “frictionless,” outreach to potential degree completers, ensuring an inclusive and welcoming campus, and others.