Submission of Abstracts and Panel or Roundtable Proposals begins July 10, 2023

INCS has a unique panel format to facilitate discussion and collaboration. Presenters pre-circulate a written version of the papers shortly before the conference and give a 7-8-minute synopsis during their panels, leaving ample time for dialogue and exchange.

In order to submit an abstract, a panel, or a roundtable for consideration, you’ll need to login into Ex Ordo. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one.

Individual Abstract Submissions

  • Please limit your single-spaced abstract to 200 words in pdf form, and include a one-page CV as the second page of your file.
  • Be sure to include a title for your presentation.

Panel or Roundtable Proposals

  • Only the lead organizer of the panel or roundtable needs to submit the proposal. Be sure, however, to include the email address of all presenters. 
  • As above, login into ExOrdo.
  • For a panel, submit a brief description of the panel’s focus and an abstract for each of your three or four presenters. Include a chair and a commentator if you would like.
  • For a roundtable, describe the focus of the discussion. Include the names of each of your three or four presenters as well as a brief description of what each presenter will discuss—no need for full abstracts.

Deadline for all abstracts and panel or roundtable proposals is October 02, 2023

Questions? Email us at