Trans(-)Turns in Nineteenth-Century Studies

March 21-24, 2024

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Cincinnati, OH

“Across, through, over, to or on the other side of, beyond, outside of, from one place, person, thing, or state to another”; “beyond, surpassing, transcending”


Whether in bridging divides or leaping over them, contesting a binary or dismantling it, “trans(-)” linguistically registers changes of state as well as movements in time and space; it indexes communication or traffic that puts places, persons, and things in new relations to one another and, perhaps, to themselves.

Building on INCS’ rich history, this iteration of the conference will seek to explore the “trans(-)” alongside and in productive tension with the “inter-.”

INCS has a unique panel format to facilitate discussion and collaboration. Presenters pre-circulate a written version of their conference-length papers and give a 7-8-minute synopsis during their panels, leaving ample time for dialogue and exchange. Please upload your conference-length essay via the ExOrdo platform by 29 February 2024, the date on which early-bird registration closes.

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