Ambulance Incentive Project

CLIENT Dr. Suman Bhunia, Assistant Professor
Computer Science & Software Engineering
VISION The ambulance incentive system is to provide a transparent way for police/dispatchers to deploy ambulances to patients in need, and to reward them appropriately. Oftentimes, in less developed countries, ambulances don’t have any strong incentive to do their jobs efficiently since the drivers do not always have confidence that they will be paid. By automating payments to the drivers upon successful delivery of the patients, drivers can be sure that they will be paid upon successful completion of their job.
MISSION Our group seeks to build upon the inherited application to improve performance and add functionality. We seek to transition the applications database from MongoDB, a NoSQL database, to MySQL, an SQL based relational database. We seek to modernize the project’s underlying blockchain by transitioning from Ethereum to Avalanche, a more efficient blockchain base. We seek to make general improvements to the applications user interface and functionalities as requested by the client.
TEAM Owen Campbell
Dalong Wang
Will Klaus

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