Ambulance Incentive System Project

CLIENT Dr. Suman Bhunia
VISION The ambulance incentive system is to provide a transparent way for police/dispatchers to deploy ambulances to patients in need, and to reward them appropriately. Oftentimes, in less developed countries, ambulances don’t have any strong incentive to do their jobs efficiently since the drivers do not always have confidence that they will be paid. By automating payments to the drivers upon successful delivery of the patients, drivers can be sure that they will be paid upon successful completion of their job.
MISSION Our group seeks to build a web application in conjunction with our client to create more efficient systems for emergency response providers. We are exploring the feasibility of blockchain as part of a practical solution to patient and incident response management. We seek to understand the needs of our end-users and provide the most beneficial user interface.
TEAM Matt Blackert
Jorge Nadjar
Max Beedy
Zach Katz
SITE coming soon

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