September 9 Project Update

Welcome back from the Labor Day break. Hoping everyone had a safe holiday!

Our first draft of training aids for Direct Deposit has been completed. We look forward to providing this assistance over the next few months.

Other Banner Self Service capabilities that are available and encourage you to use are:
* Employee Profile
* Leave Reporting
* Labor Distribution

We welcome any questions or comments you may have on the various functions that will be available within Banner Self Service.

Banner Self Service page access audit numbers module totals:
* Employee: 22,574
* Finance: 3,557      
* General: 11,149     
* Student Financial aid: 106,500

Banner Self Service Selected page access audit numbers:
/EmployeeSelfService/ssb/hrDashboard: 14,699
/EmployeeSelfService/ssb/laborRedistribution: 603 
/BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/general: 5,836
/BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/personalInformation: 2,514 /StudentSelfService/ssb/financialAid: 85,099