EPAFs only submitted in SSB9 after July 31

As part of the Bannerweb 9 (SSB9) rollout, Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs) will no longer be processed in Bannerweb 8 after July 31, 2022. Beginning August 1, if you have access to EPAFs, the EPAF link will redirect you to the Employee Dashboard in SSB9. The EPAF link will be in the ‘My Activities’ area on the right-hand side.  (Please see the EPAF Instructions for details.) 

All EPAFs submitted after July 31 will use SSB9. If you submitted an EPAF in Bannerweb 8, and it is not through all approvals by July 31, it will be completed using SSB9 by the assigned approvers, and there will not be anything else that you need to do.

Although the look and feel for EPAFs in SSB9 is different, you will have the same options available to you as with Bannerweb 8, and the processing will be the same.