Student Intro & Perspective ~ Lucy Osborne

Lucy demonstrates an activity

By Lucy Osborne, Student Volunteer Fall 2021

Hi! My name is Lucy Osborne, and I am here to describe my personal experience in volunteering at the Miami University Art Museum this fall.

The Miami University Art Museum has launched numerous programs that encourage involvement and enjoyment from the greater community, one of which is called Art Explorers, where I had the honor and privilege of volunteering during the semester. Art Explorers is a free program offered at the museum, facilitated by collaboration from both Oxford Lane Library and volunteers at the Art Museum. Art Explorers calls for 2-K participants to come into the museum to explore the gallery spaces, attend a storytime read-along, and create an artwork reflective of an overall theme regarding the gallery space and story.

I have been fortunate enough to both volunteer for Art Explorers and collaborate in the creation of the artwork we would create along with the Art Explorers participating. To say I was excited is an understatement! Being involved with Art Explorers this fall semester filled me with more joy than I can express.

The way the Miami Art Museum is able to engage members of the community at such a young age is so wonderful to me, as the program is such a great way to get young folks introduced into the important gallery setting that is the museum.

As I volunteered throughout Art Explorers, I not only got to watch these incredible little minds create art, but I watched these minds engage in the exhibits, and become introduced to the world of art that is surrounding them. Participating in Art Explorers was personally such a meaningful way to volunteer and connect with young community members, and I had so much fun doing it!

Lucy Osborne
Miami University | Class of 2022 | College of Creative Arts | Art Education Major | Art Therapy Major | National Art Education Association | Opening Minds Through Art | MU Threshold Choir