Artist of the Week: Josh Gabbard

Meet Josh Gabbard, from Columbus, Ohio!

Josh Gabbard with his ceramic piece, Connect/Disconnect (2016).

Josh graduated from Miami University in winter 2016 with a degree in Architecture and minor in Art & Architecture History.

Josh’s favorite arts venue is the Tate Modern, in London, England. His favorite place to eat in Oxford, Ohio is La Bodega and his favorite activity outside of school is hiking.

The Student Response Exhibition asked students to artistically think about the idea of conflict and resolution. For Josh Gabbard’s ceramic piece, titled Connect/Disconnect, he states,

“With the unrest of human conflict comes¬†the inevitable struggle to find refuge. Cities, communities and families that were once connected become fragmented, dispersed, divided. The fabric of a whole is no longer composed. Compounding this struggle is the application of borders- geographic, bureaucratic, cultural and psychological notions of division. Identity becomes a determinant of survival within these man-made systems of fragility.”

Josh explores the idea of disconnect and fragmentation caused by conflict. He weaves together ideas of dissonance and community in his piece.

Come see the exhibition and vote for your top three pieces! Voting will continue until April 12 and the awards ceremony for exhibited artists will be held on April 13, from 5-7pm.

By Caroline Ward, Marketing & Communications Intern