Artist of the Week: Hannah Edmonds

Meet Hannah Macoy Edmonds, from Hamilton, Ohio!

Hannah Edmonds with her monotype print, Shot (2016).

Hannah is a junior at Miami University, majoring in Printmaking. This semester, Hannah’s work is exhibited in Miami University Art Museum’s Student Response Exhibition (SRE) Conflict & Resolution.

Hannah’s dream job is to be a print shop owner. She enjoys sewing outside of school and loves to go to Taco Bell- her favorite place to eat in Oxford. Her favorite food is pasta! She works at Texas Roadhouse and GameStop. Her favorite animals are bunnies! She has three rabbits, named Hunny, Olaf, and Lola. Hannah’s favorite arts venue in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York City.

Hannah chose Miami because it is close to home. Her plans after receiving her undergraduate degree include continuing with school and receiving her master’s degree. She would love to use her degree to design quilt fabric patterns, combining her arts degree with her love for sewing.

Come see the exhibition and vote for your top three pieces! Voting will continue until April 12 and the awards ceremony for exhibited artists will be held on April 13, from 5-7pm.

By Caroline Ward, Marketing & Communications Intern