The development of Over Here! Over Here! U.S. Propaganda and the Arts of World War I was made possible by generous loans of original artwork and materials, and permissions to reproduce important documents from institutional and private collections. Lenders include The Miami University and The Western College Memorial Archive Collections; the Smith Library of Regional History, Lane Library, Oxford Ohio; Sandusky Library, Sandusky Ohio; Rare Books and Special Collections, Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina; the National World War I Museum and Memorial; and Celia Malone Kingsbury.As with almost every exhibition produced by the Miami University Art Museum, curatorial interns play an important role in the planning, researching and writing of didactic materials. Special thanks are extended to Maren Madigan and Josh Perry for their dedicated efforts in bringing this exhibition to fruition.

Special appreciation is also extended to Miami University faculty and staff who assisted in the development of programming and course-related activities. Additional appreciation is given to the Miami University Art Museum’s Collections Development Committee who wholeheartedly supported the acquisition of three key posters in this exhibition, including J.M. Flagg’s iconic I Want You for U.S. Army.

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This online exhibition was created to preserve the history of the propaganda of WWI, to provide access to the exhibition to a global audience, and to allow future generations to see and learn from this exhibition.
Created by Ethan Clearfield Intern at Miami University Art Museum