In Recognition

Most of the manuscript and antiphonal leaves and folios came to Miami University beginning in the 1950s, prior to the 1978 founding of the Art Museum. These came as gifts from donors or through University purchases. Donors include Orpha Webster (Professor of Art Education), Walter I. Farmer (Alumnus and Collector) and Frank Jordan (Professor of English). Little information was available at the time of acquisition, thus for many years these objects remained in relative obscurity.

The idea for presenting the antiphonals originated during a survey of illuminated manuscripts in the Art Museum’s collection. During the 2019 summer term, Lydia Jasper (co-major in Art History and Music) served as a Curatorial Intern. Jasper conducted in-depth research, blended with her knowledge of music composition and performance. Her efforts aided in understanding the function of antiphonals and their placement in a historical framework.  

Great appreciation to Dr. Robert Benson, who provided further knowledge on Medieval music and chant, and in offering a program in conjunction with the exhibition. Special thanks to Sarah Michael who assisted with the translation of the Latin texts.  Appreciation is also extended to Alia Levar Wegner, Rachel Makarowski and William Modrow of the Walter Havighurst Special Collections and University Archives at Miami University for the loan of additional works. Their continued collaboration with the Art Museum is greatly valued.