XtalView is a package for solving macromolecular crystal structures.

There is not a module file for XtalView.  To setup XtalView, run one of the following commands depending on what shell you are using:
source /software/XtalView/4.1/XtalView/XtalView.env  (for csh/tcsh users)
source /software/XtalView/4.1/XtalView/XtalView.env.sh (for bash/sh users)

Website: http://www.sdsc.edu/CCMS/Packages/XTALVIEW/xtalview.html

Installed versions:  4.1

Acknowledgement: Requested:

McRee, D.E. (1992) A visual protein crystallographic software system for X11/XView. J. Molecular Graphics, Vol.10, pp. 44-46.

Licensing:  Restricted to non-commercial use.