“Like” by Kurt Olsson

Like the rain

Like the purr of the furnace

Like the half-empty laundry basket and the yellowing lamp glow of the house
    across the street

Like the sure flight of a small bird

Like the calligraphy behind your eyelids. The promise of onions frying

Like a man walking the dog (or the dog walking a man)

Like the sacred space just before sunrise

Like a picture frame but without the picture

Like a neighborhood and like the same neighborhood a heartbeat later

Like happiness, but not quite

Like sadness, too

Like a blue door

The morning you gave up caring.

Kurt Olsson’s poems have appeared in a wide variety of publications, including Poetry, The Threepenny Review, and Southern Review. He’s published two poetry collections, Burning Down Disneyland (Gunpowder Press) and What Kills What Kills Us (Silverfish Review Press). A third collection, The Unnumbered Anniversaries, is due out next year.