“Fish Tank Arrangement I” by Natsumi K Goldfish

Oil on Canvas, 2020, 11×14

“Fish Tank Arrangement I” by Natsumi K. Goldfish

Oil on Canvas, 11″x14″

My work reflects my everyday life, not like a mirror does, but like the surface of a ripping pond. I am interested in fish tanks as an artificial space where we arrange objects but once lives are in we have only partial control of its environment. Fish tanks belong to our everyday life, mostly inside rooms. My painting depicts and reflects my observations and questions in society and human nature. Those half-real-half-imaginary fish tanks are windows to explore different perspectives around different matters that surround us. This fish tank is the first piece I painted in the series.

Natsumi K. Goldfish is a Brooklyn based Japanese visual artist mainly known for her window paintings. Natsumi moved to the US in 2011 and received her BA in Art from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Natsumi had solo exhibitions (Tokyo/NYC) and her works were included in multiple group exhibitions.