“A_picture of my fridge” by Sierra St. Onge

The goal of this piece was to capture a moment in time. I was doodling and trying to come up with song lyrics at the same time. The song will most likely be unfinished, but this piece will be eternal. The pussy monster in question would be me. As a trans man who has been on testosterone for about 3 years, I have a lot more hair . . . everywhere. That and my ovaries are fucked thanks to PCOS, but I’m a big, cuddly pussy monster and I wouldnt have it any other way. The magnet poetry coincidentally happened to share these themes, so I included them with the white board art. 

Sierra St.Onge is an artist specializing in the absurd. He loves making junk sculptures and strange paintings. His inspirations are the works of poet Chuuya Nakahara and indie music artist JessBee. Sierra loves his cats Yoshikage Kira and Edgar Allen Poe.