“a recipe for disaster” by Lorelei Bacht

a daffodil, 
but make it white
and paint its heart
apricot red. 
tell it: you are
nothing. now go 
tell the others
the same. 
spread it: 
black marmalade,
sugar burnt at
the bottom of the pan. 
what says 
you were right
better than 
i am the same?
and so, i grow 
a white collar, 
a frill of grandiosity
to mask
the mess of burnt 
apricot jam
you made and called 
whatever the nametag
on my yellow coat said. 

Lorelei Bacht’s poetic work has appeared / is forthcoming in The Night Heron Barks, Queerlings, SoFloPoJo, Barrelhouse, Sinking City, Stoneboat, One Art, SWWIM, and elsewhere. They can be found on Twitter @bachtlorelei and on Instagram @lorelei.bacht.writer. They are currently watching the rain instead of working on a chapbook.