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Scholarship for upward curricular mobility

Miami University NSF S-STEM Scholars

Supporting Student Success and Higher Degree Attainment in Engineering and Computing

Scholarship-Based, Comprehensive Strategy for Talented Low-Income Students

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About The Scholarship

Miami University is proud to offer scholarships in the selected STEM disciplines to students pursuing Associate, bachelor’s, or graduate degrees. The scholarship can be used to pursue one or more degrees ranging from the associate level through the bachelor’s level to the graduate level. The average scholarship amount is up to $5,000/year for Associates and Bachelor’s degrees and up to $9,000/year for Master’s degrees. Students choosing to pursue the next higher-level degree (Associate → Bachelor’s → Master’s) will be eligible for the continuation of the scholarship.   

“I don’t know how I would have paid for a master’s degree without this scholarship. I thought I would have to work for several years to save up for the chance to go back to get my master’s. This allowed me to finish my education right out of high school.”

Zachary Matthews
Master of Science in Computer Science

Who Can Apply?

  • Entering freshman student seeking Associate Degrees in Computer Information Technology (CIT) and Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET).
  • Current Miami University or Community College students enrolled in associate degree programs in CIT or MET seeking Bachelor’s Degrees in one of the following areas: Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science (CS)/Software Engineering (SE) or MET or Mechanical Engineering (ME).  
  • Current students (Junior or seniors eligible for the combined program) enrolled in Bachelor’s degree programs in IT, CS, SE, MET or ME who are interested in pursuing Graduate Degrees in Computer Science (MS-CS) and Mechanical Engineering (MS-ME)1.

1 Scholarship for this option will start in Fall 2023. Preference will be given to students electing to continue from the Associate’s → Bachelor’s track. 


  • Students must be US citizens or eligible non-citizens as defined on the FAFSA.
  • Demonstrated unmet financial need determined by the financial aid office.
  • Major in one of the following degree programs (List of Eligible Majors):
    • Associate Degree Majors
      • Computer Information Technology (AAS-CIT)
      • Computer Technology (AAS-CT)
      • Mechanical Engineering Technology (AAS-MET)
    • Bachelor’s Degree Majors
      • Computer Science (BS-CS)
      • Information Technology (BS-IT)
      • Mechanical Engineering Technology (BAS-MET)
      • Mechanical Engineering (BS-ME)
      • Software Engineering (BS-SE)
    • Master’s Degree Majors
      • Computer Science (MS-CS)
      • Mechanical Engineering (MS-ME)
  • Scholarship can be maintained with a change of major only within the aforementioned list of majors.
  • Completion of the application form highlighting the following aspects
    • Show academic potential as well as a demonstrated interest in STEM.
    • A personal statement highlighting how the S-STEM scholar program will help them in their academic pursuit and their current/future professions.

Application Instructions

  • Completion of the application form.
  • Students applying for BAS or BS degrees: In addition to the application form they need to submit the following to this email address (
    • Two letters of recommendations 
    • Resume 
  • Students applying for MS degrees
    • Complete application for “Graduate degree program”
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • Statement of purpose (Personal statement of interest in the program)
    • A resume listing academic and work experience
    • A 2-3 page sample of computer code that you have written (MS-CS)

Scholarship Selection and Renewal Criteria

  • The Scholarship is offered to students based on merit and financial need. 
  • This is a competitive scholarship, so the following factors will be considered: academic record including GPA, applying to the eligible majors, and interest to pursue a subsequent higher degree. A student must have an undergraduate cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 to be admitted to the graduate programs.
  • Scholarship recipients are expected to participate in activities designed to support academic and professional interests (refer to next section for more detail).
  • Scholarships will be renewed annually for students, (i) with good academic standing (2.75 GPA or above for associate and bachelors levels and a minimum GPA of 3.0 for masters level), and, (ii) those participating in the program activities which are highlighted in the next section. 

S-STEM Student Support Services and Programs

All scholarship recipients will receive mentoring, be involved in the creation of an individualized development plan, and be introduced to additional support services through community building, as shown in the schematic below.

Community building in the middle with curricular activities, learning support, career advising and workshops, s-stem scholar mentoring, research exposure, co-curricular activities surrounding in the circle.

Community building in the middle with curricular activities, learning support, career advising and workshops, s-stem scholar mentoring, research exposure, co-curricular activities surrounding in the circle.

Project Team

Kimar Singh

Dr. Kumar Singh
CEC Director of Research and Graduate Program Professor (Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)

Fazeel Khan

Dr. Fazeel Khan
Professor (Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)

Dr. Daniela Inclezan

Dr. Daniela Inclezan
Associate Professor (Computer Science and Software Engineering)

Dr. Mert Bal

Dr. Mert Bal
Chair and Associate Professor (Engineering Technology)

Marianne Murphy

Dr. Marianne Murphy
Chair and Professor (Computer & Information Technology)

Rose Marie Ward

Dr. Rose Marie Ward
Professor and Associate Dean of the Graduate School