Desire, Conflict & Exchange: Art of 19th Century East Asia and the West is the culminating work of the 2019 Art & Architecture History Senior Capstone (ART498) seminar taught by Dr. Michael Hatch.

During the Fall 2019 semester, a team of 14 students collaborated with Miami University Art Museum staff to curate an exhibition on East Asian art. The students began their process by studying over 100 artworks from the art museum’s collection and choosing the most thematically relevant pieces. Each student picked one artwork to research in detail and these selected artworks shaped the overall narrative of the exhibition. The students wrote the title, text panels, and all of the object labels in the exhibition. After the object list was finalized, the students designed the layout of the gallery space and proposed the exhibition to museum staff.

Learn about the students’ experiences in ART498 here!

Fall 2019 ART498 Class

Back Row: Dr. Michael Hatch, Lilia Theobald, Celia Bugno, Mary Connor, Yiwen Bai, Diana Kate Karsanow, Faith Walker, Astrid Cabello
Front Row: Xinyu Liu, Yichen Wang, Jane Widder, Maria Jose DeSantiago Galan, Libby Fischer, Adam Kuehnl
Not shown: Lydia Jasper