Welcome to the CALL Lab at Miami University!

CALL stands for children’s acquisition of language and literacy.

Researchers in the CALL Lab


The mission of the CALL Lab at Miami University is to identify barriers to young children’s acquisition of language and emergent literacy skills and to develop interventions for these skills that can be implemented feasibly in real-world settings.

Specific Goals:

  • Identify and understand underlying barriers faced by populations of children at risk for developing language and literacy disorders (e.g., children in poverty, children with health conditions, bilingual children, minority children).
  • Develop and test novel interventions to promote high quality linguistic interactions among young children and their families, teachers, and speech-language pathologists.
  • Utilize principles of implementation science to evaluate and promote feasibility and sustainability of interventions in home, educational, and clinical settings.


Researchers in the CALL lab conduct studies using the following research methods:

  1. Systematic review
  2. Single-case experimental design
  3. Randomized group design
  4. Survey methods
  5. Eye-tracking and pupillometry