The Institute for Food at Miami University provides a national model for interdisciplinary, food-centered, undergraduate education. Embracing an integrative approach to food systems, we offer an experiential program that links environmental sustainability, nutrition and health, community development, and local entrepreneurship. Our mission is to foster healthy food, healthy eating, healthy communities, and a healthy planet.

A 14-acre, intensive vegetable farm, located on the historic Austin-Magie Farm and Mill District (a university-owned National Register property), is the heart of the Institute for Food. The farm is set up as a mid-sized, working farm with 5 acres in production. It serves as a living laboratory where students and faculty from all divisions of the university gain hands-on experience. The working farm supports a 28-week Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for the Miami community, and it is home to a range of research projects, including a solar-powered water system, a carbon sequestration project, a ground water field lab, a pollinator prairie, and a nutrition education and food outreach program.