Dr. Craig Williamson

Department of Biology at Miami University

The questions that we ask in our Global Change Limnology Lab deal with how water transparency structures lakes and alters ecosystem function. We view lakes as sentinels, integrators, and regulators of environmental change, with an emphasis on deciphering the most valuable sentinels of climate change. Projects take us all over the world from regions in the U.S. ranging from northeastern Pennsylvania, to the Laurentian Great Lakes,  Alaska, Lake Tahoe, and the Beartooth Mountains, to the Canadian Rockies, Argentina, and New Zealand. Our questions are field based, but our approaches range from small scale laboratory and field experiments to the ecosystem level, and involve comparative as well as experimental studies.

Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Our Lab
We recognize the presence of systemic racism in academia and society as a whole, and we believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that including people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives strengthens our lab, our research, and all that we do. We strive to understand sources of personal and professional bias, and actively work towards addressing and eliminating these biases. We are committed to welcoming, including, supporting, and listening to diverse views. We strive to be supportive allies of underrepresented groups within our lab, department, and community. In pursuit of these goals we will apply our climate and ecological studies on water resources to educate ourselves and to help combat inequality, and seek collaborations that will help us do so. We dedicate one lab meeting each month to education and discussion of issues related to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We aim to consistently re-evaluate and improve our efforts, and welcome anyone who wishes to challenge us to be more understanding and more effective in our antiracism. We support the missions of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity at Miami, and welcome suggested resources to advance our understanding and advocate for change.