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Earlier this week, you may have noticed something different about Atomic Learning.  AL launched The Hoonuit Online Learning Framework.  As Atomic Learning explained, “Understanding that learning is not a linear path and that each individual learns differently, the new Hoonuit Online learning Framework works to both enhance and personalize online learning using four components:

  • LearnIt: Learn from Best Practices
  • DoIt: Apply Learning to Life
  • ShareIt: Connect and Get Feedback
  • ProveIt: Document Learning”

All of the resources included in Atomic Learning’s digital learning library are now available in their new LearnIt. DoIt. ShareIt. ProveIt format.

Check out this article from Atomic Learning to read more about the motivation for creating the new framework.

Or, Watch this short video illustrating “What’s new at Atomic Learning?”.

Want to take a peek?

Check out Atomic Learning’s Learning Module on Writing Effective Learning Outcomes; created by Regional E-Learning’s very own Janet Hurn and Julie Straub. It’s a wonderful learning module focused on writing learning outcomes that drive instruction and learning to positive results.

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