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There is so much technology hitting our world every day that it is difficult to keep up. Miami has added some tools over time that I don’t think a lot of people are aware of. In this post we will look at some of those tools and how they might benefit it us in the classroom or office.

chalk and wire

Let’s start with a tool that has been around Miami for some time but is not widely used. Chalk and Wire is a portfolio tool that can be used to assess student portfolio work for a program and/or to assess student assignments for a course. To get started with Chalk and Wire at Miami you need to request an account and get started. Then you can set up a course or be part of a program that is already in place. Education Health and Society uses Chalk and Wire in their programs.

Miami Tutorial for Chalk and Wire

Miami Tutorial Part II

There is also a quick start guide for students.

Once you have an account you can access it through Niihka. Just add the tool to your Niihka site in the site info area.

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Kaltura is the new tool at Miami for distributing videos, audio, and media from the cloud. You can upload your content then it is streamed to the user. In order to access Kaltura you have to go to Niihka and add the Media Gallary Tool from the Edit Tools menu as above. Then you can begin adding your content. It includes a feature to record directly from your webcam and have it available to your students. You can keep media available just to that site or to your other Niihka sites as well. You can share media too. Click on the link below to get started using this tool. Dave Scoville includes it in this addition of Niihka tips.

Niihka Tips with Kaltura Instructions



The Respondus Lockdown browser tool has been added to Niihka in order to make test taking more secure. An instructor can create a test and under the settings choose to force students to use the Lockdown browser tool. This prevents them from opening new tabs and browsers, take screens shots, e-mail, chat or anything that uses the internet other than the one browser window. It also forces them to submit their test before closing the browser window. Top 10 Reasons to Use Respondus Lockdown Browser See the quick start guides below or the video tutorials to learn more.

Instructor Quick Start Guide

Student Quick Start Guide


Filelocker is a tool that is standalone that is used to pass large files from one person to another. It solves the problem of trying to attach large files to e-mail. It is very easy to use. Go to the link below to login and use Filelocker.



WordPress is a blog tool. Miami has installed an instance of WordPress for use in classes. You can request an account for you classes by following the instructions below. Matt Evins is the contact. A blog is like an online journal. You or your students can write, add pictures, videos, and audio to make a point or teach a lesson. You can allow others to comment. This blog you are reading is done in a Miami WordPress instance.

Miami University Blogging (Matt Evins)

Tom Mays from BTE uses WordPress for his students. Below you will find his video tutorial and his Getting Started presentation.

Short Tutorial Presentation

Tom Mays Video Introduction for Students


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