Tenth Memory, June Wayne

June Wayne (American, b. 1918) Tenth Memory, 1961 Lithograph on paper Gift of Mr. and Mrs. J. Demetrion 1979.PR.23.103

June Wayne’s Tenth Memory abstracts the organic human
form through the use of positive and negative space, and an
array of textures. Wayne worked with the Tamarind Institute at
the University of Mexico where she dedicated much of her
work to the revival of lithography. At Tamarind, Wayne began
creating her own style. Wayne credits a Romanesque sculpture
she encountered at Autun, France, as her muse. Little more is
known about Tenth Memory, allowing viewers to speculate
about the identity through its murky background and lack of
identifying features. Often incorporating natural aesthetics,
Wayne played with the medium to create a hazy appearance,
providing the interpretation that memories fade.