Collaborate With Us

Our Center is in the midst of Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, in the storefront of buddy’s place, a building that also hosts 20-units of affordable housing. Many of our contributors, collaborators and allies live upstairs. We are neighbors with several community partner organizations that grew from the Over-the-Rhine People’s Movement—agencies committed to affordable, accessible, expressive, and equitable urban spaces for families and individuals. We’re always interested in new connections with community-oriented agencies, scholars, and students who share this commitment and value working with those who are often left out of policy, design, and development decisions.
Our storefront is known as a site for conversations between people of different racial, educational, and economic backgrounds. We are now in a vibrant entertainment district and destination point, especially on weekends. While this can create some dissonance, it provides access to many audiences that might experience, participate in, and learn from exhibits, panel discussions, or presentations. Some will plan to come, others will happen upon it.
The Center has over 1,000 square feet of open space that is flexible and used as classroom, gallery, and community meeting space (we have hosted Over-the-Rhine Community Council and conferences of Streetvibes newspaper distributors, as well as many academic retreats). It is also a workshop for design and craft production by students, faculty and community.
If you’d like to engage at the Center, email John Blake.