Adding Images to a WordPress Post/Page

February 3, 2015 | No Comments

It may be desirable to add images to a blog post or page to emphasize a talking point, enhance instructions, or just to make things easier to read. Here are some instructions on how to insert images into WordPress posts or pages.

Note: These instructions do not cover embedding YouTube, Vimeo, or other videos in a blog post/page. To embed video, use the WordPress Video Plugin.

  1. Log into WordPress. If you are unsure of how to do this, see Logging in to WordPress.
  2. Access page or post. From the posts or pages menu on the left side of the WordPress Dashboard, access the post or page that you wish to add media to. Read more about creating a new page or post.
  3. Add image. From within the content of the post or page, place the cursor where you would like the image to appear. Click on the first icon above the content text box next to “Add Media.”
    • If the image is located on your computer, click Select Files to navigate to the image.
    • If the image has already been uploaded to your WordPress site, click Media Library to locate the image, then click Show.
    • Note: Avoid linking to an image on the web. If the image is deleted from its site, the image will then be removed from your post/page.
  4. Adjust image settings. After selecting the image, you can alter its appearance by adjusting some of the settings.
    • Link URL: Determines the behavior when an image is clicked from within the post or page. The link URL is normally the File URL.
    • Alignment: Determines where the image appears in relation to the text within the post/page.
    • Size: Determines how large  the image should appear. Depending on the dimensions of the original image, some of these options are grayed out or unavailable.
    • Alternate Text (Alt Text): provide a brief description of what is happening in the image. If there are words on the graphic, include the words in the Alternate Text field. This will help screen reader users know the content of the image.
    • Insert into Post: Embeds the image within the body of the post.
    • Use as featured image: Featured images are thumbnail images used when viewing a list of articles.

More details on adding images to posts or pages.