January 11, 2019 Update

Here is the latest update from the Banner 9 project.

The majority of Banner 8 Admin was disabled on December 21, 2018. Banner General Admin and a few select forms continue to be available to work around specific bugs in the Banner 9 versions of those components. Those remaining components will be disabled as those bugs are resolved in Banner 9.

For the Self-Service modules, work is continuing on the pieces that are available from Ellucian.

  • General Event Management – Is installed and configured in DEVL and TEST, but a couple of bugs are preventing it from being moved to PROD.
  • Journal Voucher – Betta kickoff began on August 21 and testing continues in DEVL and TEST.
  • FinAid and A/R – Due from Ellucian in 2019 Q3.

The work on disaster recovery is continuing, with the Go Live date more than likely occurring sometime in January or February 2019.