Krazl Celebrates 10 years at MUAM

SHerri Krazl Headshot
I1122 Museum Staff Group & Informal Portraits

By Director of Marketing and Communications for College of Creative Arts, Jeni Barton

The Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Miami University Art Museum (MUAM), Sherri Krazl, celebrated her 10th Anniversary in November 2021. Her impact can be seen across campus from the redesign and distribution of this magazine to the annual museum Lawn Parties to the banners fluttering with the current exhibition promotions. Her impact also reaches beyond campus when her students put the skills and lessons they gained from working with her to use in their museum or marketing professions.

The Jeffrey Horrell ’75 and Rodney Rose Director and Chief Curator Jack Green joined the MUAM in June 2021. Since taking the leadership role at the museum he noted that “Sherri is such a talented content creator and loves working with students – I’m continually impressed with our communications and marketing outputs.”

The former director of MUAM, Robert S. Wicks, said that during his leadership “she displayed a willingness to learn all she could about art, museums and the university. MUAM’s visibility wouldn’t be where it is today without her. Her enthusiasm for trying new approaches to outreach was unbounded.” Wicks served as Director of the Miami University Art Museum from 2001 to 2021. 

The admiration for Sherri goes beyond leadership, the Curator of Exhibitions Jason E. Shaiman said that she has “elevated the presence of MUAM on campus and throughout Oxford with her robust marketing strategies. Her creation of the student lawn parties greatly increased student engagement outside of the classroom.”

I sat down with Sherri to learn more about her work and what it is like to go to work next to a Picasso every day. 

JB: What has been your favorite story to tell about the MUAM?

SK: I love talking about student success stories, my favorite exhibition(s), our fall lawn party and the many ways that we offer students engaged learning experiences.

JB: You work with a lot of students, what do you hope students gain from their time with you? 

SK: I love to challenge the students to create a very personalized learning experience that helps them identify what they want to do, learn new skills and walk away with solid work for their portfolio.

JB: What is it like to work surrounded by renowned artwork every day?

SK: Unreal! I try to schedule time each week to just take a walk back and sometimes sit for a change of scenery and to take it all in. I feel truly blessed to work at such an amazing space on campus. And I truly learn something new every day!

JB: What show has moved you most during your time at MUAM, and why? 

SK: Telling A People’s Story! Not only was it one of the largest audience draws during my time here but it was the most fun, meaningful and powerful exhibitions that I’ve had the pleasure to promote. It was sad, happy, inspiring and eye-opening.

JB: What has surprised you the most about your time at MUAM?

SK: I remember being so surprised at how few students and faculty knew about the museum. Where ten years ago we might have 2-3 class visits a month, we now experience 2-3 class visits a week! A more pleasant surprise was the fact that the people I have gotten to work with are amazing! I am looking forward to the next 10 years and seeing what happens next!