Call for Student Art! Deadline: October 14

Calling all student artists! This is your opportunity to show your work (and win cash!) in the Miami University Art Museum! Submission deadline is October 14, 2019! Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three (guest voted) works in the exhibition: $500 (1st), $250 (2nd) and $100 (3rd).

This spring, the Miami University Art Museum will display a student response exhibition. This opportunity is open to ALL Miami University students! This year’s theme is “Circling ‘Round”:

“A circle is a shape with many connotations like the Earth, a ring, a ball, a pearl, a pipe, and other round objects. But what else can a circle represent? How can you interpret the form and function of a circle? Does it have different meanings based on historical, cultural, religious or scientific relevance?”

Hit the drawing board and get creative! Submissions can be in the form of sculpture, painting, ceramics, drawing, prints, jewelry, music, videos, computer interactives, poetry or whatever else you are inspired to create. Each participant can submit up to three works. Selected works in this juried competition will be on display at the Miami University Art Museum January 26-May 15, 2020!

For more information, visit: