The Results are In…

On May 2, seven students in Dr. Michael Hatch’s art history course were selected by their fellow peers to present their acquisition proposals in front of a panel of Miami University Art Museum staff. Art and Its Markets, a brand new course, studied art as objects of exchange and learned about the art market both historically and how it functions within our contemporary society. Check out this article to learn more about the class and the early stages of the acquisition proposals!

Caroline Berlage, Hannah Dunn, Claire Haitsch, Bradley Warner, Margaux Newell, Carmen Perez and Addie Schneider each gave brief powerpoint presentations on their prints explaining the art historical significance, background on the artist, what subjects and courses could use it as a learning tool, and most importantly on how their print would better the museum’s collection. While all the presentations were thorough, convincing and very well done, only a few could be selected. After some deliberation, the Miami University Art Museum has now acquired “Savarin,” a 1977 lithograph by Jasper Johns, presented by Bradley Warner, “Holy Family with Saints John the Baptist, Catherine, and Anthony Abbot,” a 1582 etching by Agostino Carracci, presented by Carmen Perez, and “‘Simplicius’ Writing Lesson,” an 1881 etching by Max Klinger, presented by Addie Schneider. This Klinger print has put the museum one step closer to completing Klinger’s 12 print series, with “’Simplicius’ Writing Lesson” being the 11th print!

Congratulations to the seven students who presented their proposals and to the three whose prints were chosen for acquisition!

Written by Margaux Newell