Outside the Box Featured Artist: Wenxuan Zhou

By Olivia Semsel, Arts Management Intern

Our fifth Student Response Exhibition, Outside the Box, is open, and you can come check out the unique creations of 34 students (and vote for your favorite)!

This is our next post in a series featuring the student artists who have created one or more pieces displayed in Outside the Box.

Meet our featured artist, Wenxuan Zhou!

Wenxuan is a Junior Studio Art Major, focusing on Metalsmithing, with a minor in Communication Design, from Beijing, China!

She came to Miami for the impressive university ranking. At Miami, Wenxuan is a member of the Outdoor Adventure Club. She enjoys singing and her favorite genre of art is 3D animation. Her dream job is to own her own art studio.

The Student Response Exhibition asked students to think beyond physical limits with the concept of a box. For Wenxuan’s sculpture, titled Distraction, she states,

“Using imagery of my dormitory, where I spend most of my time as a college student, I explore the ideas of anxiety and distraction. For me, this space exemplifies unpleasant confinement and is filled with an excess of personal things scattered all over. A cluttered space, like the anxious mind, is difficult to navigate but riddled with evidence of incessant activity. Simultaneously burdensome and invigorating, the perpetual state of flux fuels a constant unease from which growth and new understandings emerge. This disorganized interior scene is a literal depiction of my room as well as a metaphor for my psychological and emotional state, with this restless feeling constant. While dark at times, areas of light and space abound through which I trudge ahead.”

Come see the exhibition and vote for your top three favorites! Voting will continue until April 6 and the exhibition celebration and awards ceremony will be held on April 9, from 7-9 p.m.