Eclosion: A Look inside 40 at 40

Created by sculptor Lucien Wercollier (Luxembourgish, 1908-1982), Eclosion is an abstract work meant to ignite a dynamic energy of natural growth. At the beginning of his career, Wercollier was more of a figurative sculptor, rarely exploring abstraction or geometric forms. The turning point of his stylistic preferences came when he was imprisoned in a German concentration camp for refusing to suppress his creative expression. Following his imprisonment, Wercollier introduced Luxembourg to abstract sculpture, a style seldom explored prior to his introduction.

Lucien Wercollier (Luxembourgish, 1908-1982); Eclosion, 1969; Marble; Gift of Woodrow W. Stroud, Jr.; 1979.S.17.1

Luxembourg is a small country in the heart of Europe bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany. Miami University has a longstanding relationship with this powerful country, as the city of Differdange is home to Miami University Dolibois European Center, a sister city and European campus regularly attended by Miami Students throughout the year. With this relationship comes a strong bond of culture, including art. MUAM is proud to have the work in its permanent collection, bridging two diverse countries together through a commonality of art.

Looking at Eclosion specifically, this piece conveys Wercollier’s inspiration of the harmony, balance, and energy of nature. Between the harsh corners and smooth surface of the marble, Eclosion evokes a sense of energy. Eclosion directly translates do “hatching” or “emerging from an egg.” After knowing the translation of the Eclosion, the viewer is able to infer that there is a symbolic life force within the piece itself. To see this piece in person, visit 40 at 40: Celebrating 40 Years on view in Gallery 3 at Miami University Art Museum until June 8!