Outside the Box Featured Artist: Douglas Sloan

By Olivia Semsel, Arts Management Intern

Our fifth Student Response Exhibition, Outside the Box, is open, and you can come check out the unique creations of 34 students (and vote for your favorite)!

This is our next post in a series featuring the student artists who have created one or more pieces displayed in Outside the Box.

Meet our featured artist, Douglas Sloan!

Douglas is a Junior Art Education Major with a minor in Photography, from Dayton, OH!

He came to Miami because of Miami’s Engineering program (since he originally was a Computer Engineering major), and he also really enjoyed the feel and design of the campus as a whole. At Miami, Douglas is a member of Alpha Rho Chi, Astronomy Club, and WSMR (Redhawk Radio). He enjoys making music, skateboarding, drawing, playing video games, and watching TV. His favorite genre of art is woodblock printmaking. His dream job is to work as a college Art Professor.

The Student Response Exhibition asked students to think beyond physical limits with the concept of a box. Douglas has two pieces displayed in this exhibition! For his bronze etching, titled Delivery #1, he states,

“Delivery #1 is the first iteration in a 4 part series depicting the image of a woman that is turning into a creature, one that might only be seen in a horror movie, coming out of a packaging box. Playing on the words “Outside the Box,” the image brings attention to the concept of societal standards (the box) and how they play in the role of “ideal” feminine beauty and the agony it can cause women.”

For his print, titled Illusory, he states,

“Playing with the idea of optical illusions, this work uses a few common ones that relate to a square form. Using the square, the artist explores the idea of the box of life, reality, and how the eyes and brain work together to form that reality as we know it. The illusions that our eyes perceive are being put to the test, and our reality is being tested through the use of a distressed block, causing inconsistencies within the image, and causing us to question whether what one sees is truly real.”

Come see the exhibition and vote for your top three favorites! Voting will continue until April 6 and the exhibition celebration and awards ceremony will be held on April 9, from 7-9 p.m.