Outside the Box Featured Artist: Chad Eggar

By Olivia Semsel, Arts Management Intern

Our fifth Student Response Exhibition, Outside the Box, is open, and you can come check out the unique creations of 34 students (and vote for your favorite)!

This is our next post in a series featuring the student artists who have created one or more pieces displayed in Outside the Box.

Meet our featured artist, Chad Eggar!

Chad is a Graduate Student of Art, from Edmond, Oklahoma!

He came to Miami for the art graduate program. He likes to cook, read, garden, and watch films. He also enjoy going on hikes with his dog, Remi. His favorite genres of art are Painting and Post-Impressionism. His dream job would be to work as a Painting Professor!

The Student Response Exhibition asked students to think beyond physical limits with the concept of a box. For Chad’s painting, titled Sticky Note, he states,

“My paintings are mostly concerned with prolonged observation and visual perception. Through the process of observational painting, I intend to portray the suddenness of visual input and focus on the unexpected abstractions that reside in nature.”

Come see the exhibition and vote for your top three favorites! Voting will continue until April 6 and the exhibition celebration and awards ceremony will be held on April 9, from 7-9 p.m.