Illustrator of the Week: E.B. Lewis

E.B. Lewis considers himself an artistrator, a mix of illustrating and fine art and has illustrated over 70 books for children. He has won numerous awards including the New York Times 2016 Best Illustrated Book Award for Preaching to the Chickens and Caldecott Honor Award for Jacqueline Woodson’s Coming on Home Soon.

Six of Lewis’s works are featured in the exhibition, Telling A People’s Story including: Preaching to the Chickens: The Story of Young John Lewis, Talkin’ about Bessie, I Love My Hair, All Different Now: Juneteenth, the First Day of Freedom, Circle Unbroken and The Negro Speaks of Rivers.

Lewis recalls being inspired by his two uncles, whom were artists, and he himself being an artist since the third grade. He attended Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, where he discovered his love for watercolor painting. During his time in college he majored in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Art Education.

Lewis taught in public schools for 12 years before moving on to work at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He is also active in multiple organizations including The Society of Illustrators in New York City and the Salamagundi Art Club of New York.

To learn more about Lewis visit his website or YouTube channel and check out some of his work. Lewis will also be speaking at the Art Museum’s Telling A People’s Story Exhibition Conference from April 20-21.

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