Meet the Editor: Caroline Bastian

Hi all! My name is Caroline Bastian and I am a third year Art and Architecture History student here at Miami. I have both a co-major in Arts Management and a minor in Museums and Society. Both of these programs have been established recently within the College of Creative Arts and have played a vital role in increasing my interest in both museum work and arts entrepreneurship. This year, I am one of the Arts Management Interns at the museum and working closely with both marketing/communications and collections. One of my duties is to further expand MUAM’s student-run blog. Over the next year, I will be keeping you up to date on cool things happening at the museum, on campus, and any other stories that may pop up along the way! I also will be introducing you to our other incredible interns and student staff at the museum.

This semester is not my first time working at the museum. During the fall of my sophomore year, I was a Curatorial Intern for Jason Shaiman where I worked closely on the upcoming exhibition: Telling a People’s Story, which will open in late January 2018. Crazy enough, when I completed my work with Jason, the exhibition still had no name and was in the works of securing pieces for the show. As much as I would have loved to stay on and continue to help Jason through the spring with this groundbreaking exhibition, I decided to study abroad in Luxembourg, where I missed a few trains, broke a couple bones, met some incredible people, and did a little studying, too. Being in such an art-driven culture, I worked with MUAM Director Robert Wicks on creating an independent study where I analyzed and compared various museums and how they responded to questions of appropriation and repatriation. Not only did this independent study give me an excuse to swing by a museum everywhere I went, it also gave me the insight to look deeper than the objects on display in a gallery and to see the bigger picture.

Caroline in front of the British Museum in London, England.
 This past summer, I worked as the Development and Membership Intern at Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, California.  Though I have enjoyed working directly with exhibitions, I learned many vital aspects to running a successful non-profit museum and the business portion that goes into it. While at LAM, I was continuously updating membership files and further preparing for their centennial celebration taking place next year. This experience was incredibly beneficial to my future museum plans, still, I am so excited to be back in Oxford at MUAM for the next year!